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Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but couldn't find the right words? 
What do you say when words aren't enough?
"Words Can't Tell"
When words are not enough to tell a dying world about a living Savior!

Below are the lists of songs recorded on Words Can't Tell along with the inspiration behind each song.

1. "Here I Am Lord, Send Me"   (Lead Vocals: Mike Turner, Background Vocals: Unity Male Chorus, & Nora Darden)

I was inspired to include "Here I Am, Lord Send Me" on the CD because it reminded me of how God sent Abraham to another land to fulfill his destiny.  Once, when the group had finished practicing this song, a small child that was present kept singing the chorus over and over.  That's when I said to myself, "This is a winner!"

2. "Unconditional"   (Lead Vocals: Nora Darden)

The chorus to this song came to me in a dream with a woman singing it and the orchestra playing in the background.  When I woke up, I added verses based on what God's Unconditional Love means to me!

3. "When I Woke Up is Morning"  (Lead Vocals: Shelton Graham, Background Vocals: New Christian Chapel Male Choir)

I wrote this song as a challenge to myself and others to thank God  first thing in the morning as an alternative to complaining about how unfair life is.  It is inspired by the song, "I Won't Complain."  Shelton inserted the pause right before, "Thank You."  It worked!  Thanks, Shelton.

4. "Fix These Things Destroyed by Man"    (Lead Vocals: Elaine Hunt)

It is easy to become overwhelmed by everything that is happening around you until you remember that God can step in at any time and fix everything in an instant!

5. "Running For Jesus"  (Lead Vocals: Randy Dixon, Background Vocals: Unity Male Chorus)

This song was inspired by marathons.  Anyone who takes upon the challenge of running and finishing a race knows someone is there to congratulate him whether he finishes first or last.  On top of that, is the satisfaction of a journey now complete!

6. "When Jesus Died on Calvary"  (Lead Vocals: Robert Anthony, Background Vocals: New Christian Chapel Male Choir)

A song which expresses my gratitude of Jesus' sacrifice to me!

7. "God’s Kingdom"    (Lead Vocals: Nora Darden)

Inspired by the fact that from the beginning of Genesis in the bible, Satan has unsuccessful tried to stop God's plans but what the prophets say always end up becoming true.  You would think Satan would figure that out by now even if some of us haven't yet! 

8. "In the Midst of My Trials"   (Lead Vocals: Johnny Mitchell, Background Vocals: Unity Male Chorus)

I included this song because I felt it would be a simple song to teach someone.  The singers fell in love with it!  It is a special song for me because I think about it when I'm going through my toughest times.

9. "Eternity"   (Lead Vocals: Elaine Hunt)

This song focuses my attention on the future and makes problems of the present seem trivial in comparison.   Losing someone close to you makes you think about the meaning of this song even more.

10. "I May Be Young"   (Lead Vocals: Brittany Sutton)

This song was written especially for my daughter.  I wanted the young to see that at any age one can acknowledge the power of God's love for us.  It is inspired by the favorite children's hymn, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me."

11. "Words Can't Tell" (Lyrical version) -- (performed by Denise Sutton)

This title song I think surprised some people because it was done in lyrical form.  But I am a poet and this is how I express myself!

"Words Can't Tell" was produced by Michael Boykin of Clinton, NC and Ray Braswell, Jr. of Rocky Mount, NC.  Michael, seen below with me, is a singer, producer, radio announcer, and musician!  Michael's group is called

Michael Boykin and the Mighty Voices.

Catch Michael on 1170AM on Sundays 6A-7A and 3P-7P
With Michael Boykin after a radio interview.

This was my first full length CD.  It is based on my second book entitled, Do You Know Him?   I invited a group of talented singers to join me in this project.  It was a fun, learning experience! 

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this project a success!

"God's words to me are my words to you"
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