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My Words and Me
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Say it!
Believe it!
Feel it!
Do it!
What you do with your words makes a difference in what you do with your life!


Have you ever felt as though you were down in the dumps? 

Or like you could conquer the world? 

What made the difference?...

The words you spoke, of course! 



Whether we say them out loud or to ourselves, words determine the outcome of our situations.  Although we cannot always control outward circumstances, we can control what we tell ourselves and how we will react. 

"My Words and Me" is based on the premise that your own words can determine the outcome of any situation in which you face.  That is because what you tell yourself determines how you will react.  You may receive words externally or from within but you must reinforce them in order to give them new meaning.  Basically, when it seems as though no one else is around, you are not alone if you have your words!

My Words and Me
consists of inspirational poetry on different topics.  Below are several excerpts from this book!
My Words and Me
(Title poem)
"I am a writer, a writer am I.
Why I am, why I started, I do not know why.
It is in my blood, it will always be.
Untouchable, inseparable, my words and me!
My words bring me security in a world that is unsure.
Despite all imperfections, my words remain pure.
Whether by song or book, my words will always be,
Untouchable, inseparable, an unchangeable part of me."

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift?  Why not give her some "flowers"?
(Note:  This is one of my most popular poems to date!)
Give Me My Flowers
A flower is only known by the joy that it gives.
No matter what type of flower, we can only cherish it while we live.
Regardless how bright the colors, however large the glow,
Unless we can see, touch, feel, or smell it, its beauty we will never know.
The danger of waiting too late or of taking too long,
Is bringing someone a flower and they're gone, long gone.
So give someone a flower today and remember when you do,
The boomerang principle simply states that what you give comes back to you!

Flower Close Up

"God's words to me are my words to you"
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