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Thoughts Behind the Name Game
Shakespeare made famous the quote, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet."   I agree with Shakespeare for I say that Jesus by any one of his wonderful names would be just as magnificent!  But, wait a minute.  Is it just the name that makes the person or object great?  No.  It is the characteristics that are associated with that name that make it memorable.  Here's where we get into the name game... 
I recently read an article from the Illustrated Current News April 2007 No 13,  536, which boasted of ten people whose names grossed millions of dollars a year even after they were deceased.  In this particular list, Kurt Cobain ranked first, making 50 million dollars from October 2005 through October 2006 with money made by those in charge of his estate getting deals based on the deceased's work, with the right to use the person's name and likeness on merchandise and marketing campaigns.  Others on the list included Elvis Pressley (40 million), Charles Schulz (35 million), John Lennon (24 million), Albert Einstein (20 million), Andy Warhol (19 million), Dr. Seuss (10 million), Ray Charles (10 million), Marilyn Monroe (8 million), and Johnny Cash (8 million).  As we can see, a name can carry much weight.  However, we must realize, it is not just the name, but again, what is associated with that name that carries the most power!
What do people say when your name is mentioned?  Does your name remind others of "roses" or "thorns"?  You are mortal but your name is immortal and will outlive you.  It will travel to places that you will never go.  It will be recognized by people who will never meet you personally.  That is why protection of your name, better known as your "character", is so important.  You can always find ways to make back money but a name that has been "taken" from you because of dishonest  or unethical actions is hard to regain.  Most of us have names which came after much thought and consideration by our parents.  What are you doing with your immortal legacy?
In my book, "Do You Know Him?"  I was compelled to study the different names given to Jesus and as I study the scriptures more and hear more sermons, I realize the magnitude that each name carries and what is associated with each one.  I hope that my excitement spills over into the souls who are looking for answers that they are unable to find anywhere else. 
The scriptures declare that demons tremble at the mere mention of the name of Jesus.  Why?  Because only His name can bring salvation.  Only His name represents complete victory over death.   And only His name can bring hope to a hopeless world.  The answer to life is Jesus.  The question is...
 "Do You Know Him?"

For a list of websites related to my book, Do You Know Him? using the names of Jesus, see below:

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