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Below, you will find work submitted by other writers along with mine.  If you would like to add your poetry, email me copies with permission to publish them here!  

A Writer’s Soul

When a writer picks up a pen and paper, prepare yourself, behold -

You’re about to enter the complex world of a writer’s heart and soul.

There will be no further guessing games, no more room for doubt.

For a true writer conveying his experiences uses his word to bring them out!

He will express to you his deepest grief and portray his greatest pain.

He will capture his wildest fantasy and even make you feel young again.

A writer can take you to another world where wishes do come true.

And take you inside the minds of people who’ve never even met you.

A writer can express a sincere love, yet bring out a bitter hate.

His words can flow until he paints a situation in which anyone can relate.

Regardless of what he wants to convey, a writer can take his pen

And magically pull together his thoughts until a new story begins.

So if a writer begins to ponder, watch his thoughts unfold

And prepare yourself, you may be invited into the center of a writer’s soul!

copyright C.Denise Sutton 2008

What If?

What if the sun stopped shining?

What if the birds stopped singing?

What if the flowers stopped blooming;

And the church bells stopped ringing?


What if babies stopped crying?

What if people stopped caring?

What if love grew colder;

And everyone stopped sharing?


What if the time stood still?

What if the wind stopped blowing?

What if everything got quiet;

And the moon stopped glowing?


What if everyone stopped speaking?

What if everyone was in despair?

What if all hope was lost;

Because you just didn’t care?


What if night became day?

What if day became night?

What if everyone stopped loving;

And everything that was wrong was right?


What if you took this moment?

To be thankful right now;

And stopped fretting over things

You can’t change anyhow.


Sharon Edwards — (Coworker from Goldsboro)   -  March 2010

Participants at Duplin County book reading in Rose Hill, NC 4/17/2007.. Some submitted their work!

Front Row (left to right):  Denise Sutton, Warsaw, NC, Sandra Pope-Rollins, Warsaw, NC, Catherine Willis, Clinton, NC.
Back Row (left to right):  Donald Rice, Rose Hill, NC, Michelle Tyler, Warsaw, NC, and Victor Felipe, Clinton, NC.
See their work below!

The Mud Hole
Oh the lowly little mud hole,
Standing full of water,
Dirty looking mud hole,
Tempting son and daughter.
To birds it is a bird bath
For drinking and for bathing;
For kids it is temptation,
A lovely place for wading.
To some it is a puddle,
Whether it is big or small,
To boys it can be an ocean
To play in 'till Mother's call.
A little girl so dainty,
Will look at it and grin,
Then look around for Mommy,
And splash!  She's jumping in!
A Labrador Retriever
Thinks a puddle is just great,
The water in it will be alright,
If he's not near a lake.
The water in a mud hole
Will reflect the trees and sky
So even we can see beauty
When we are passing by.
Catherine Kowbyl Willis
Clinton, NC
This Man
This Man, Whose Name is Jesus,
Is the Only One Who sets souls free-
And to enter into God's heavenly kingdom,
We must have Him as we shall see.
Faith is needed more than ever
To Give us inspiration from day to day.
Yes!  This Man, Whose Name is Jesus,
God, Or Father, made Him as the Way.
If we want to be in that number
When our time on earth is done.
Let us accept Jesus and truly keep Him
For with Him, all battles are won.
There's no need at all to worry.
There's salvation along with love and care.
And we sinners can receive them
If we ask our God by prayer.
There'll be angels who will be rejoicing.
Bringing us "Good Blessings" no matter what is said.
Remember "This Man" whose name is Jesus,
He raised Lazarus from the dead.
Yes!  This Man, Whose Name is Jesus
Can save sinners like you and me.
And if we want to become one of His angels,
Within our souls this man must be.
Donald Rice
Rose Hill, NC
Peace Is
Peace is quiet,
Like the eye of a storm;
Peace is calm,
Like a beautiful morn;
Peace is comfort,
Lide a mother's hug;
Peace is something
You can't put in a jug.
Peace gives you strength
When you might grow weak,
To do things for others
And still remain meek;
Peace gives you courage
When facing a storm
So you can help those
Who are weak and forlorn.
Peace is the sunset,
At the end of the day,
When you know God was with you,
Every step of the way;
Peace is the feeling
Deep down in your soul,
That comes when you know
The Lord made you whole.
Catherine Kowbyl Willis
Clinton, NC
My Hope in Jesus
I am in prayer
Of a lovely world
To be peaceful.
So that we can
Come together and seek
A man up high.
Somone we can love
Someone to call our friend.
His name is Jesus the one and
Only man I know to be my friend.
PS:  To the world who is listening here a way of hope in 2006
Just Follow Jesus!
Michelle Tyler
Warsaw, NC
The Mockingbird
The grey mockingbird sitting up in a tree
Singing God's praises for you and me;
He points his beak toward the sky
And sings with the attitude of "do or die."
He sings and he sings from morning 'til night,
Then he'll sing after dark if the moon is bright.
The most courageous little bird you've ever seen,
He shows no fear when he's on the wing;
He'll swoop and dive at the neighbors cat,
Or a great big dog; can you imagine that!
He'll defend his nest from a grackle or a hawk,
He doesn't even think that he might get caught;
Then he'll fly to his perch on a limb or a line
And start singing again with a song so fine.
He mocks other birds and sings their song,
He thinks their voice is weak and his is strong;
His song carries for a quarter of a mile,
If you listen closely, it will make you smile.
If we could sing praises like the little mocking bird,
It would be the most beautiful music you ever heard.
Catherine Kowbyl Willis
Clinton, NC
Mom!  God Knows"
Mom!  God knows just how a family feels
When He takes away one who is so dear.
And we know that " a Mother" is special
That is, for certain, everyday of the year.
We thank you for raising us
The way in which you choose to do.
You taught us so many things
And Dear God, we than You too.
Thank you for blessing us with "A Mother."
One who has gone through so many pains-
Just to display that throughout one's lifetime
Without " A Mother" life is not the same.
Her love and care, which we know for certain,
Helped to make us who we are today.
Mom!  God knows that we do miss you more
Than we can find the words to say. 
Mom!  We mis you!!!
Donald Rice
Rose Hill, NC
I'm A Priceless Antique
I'm a priceless antique,
Or so I've been told,
I must be an antique,
I'm over 50 years old.
Some people collect China,
Some people collect gold,
How do you collect people
When they are 50 years old?
I have kept on going,
Adding year after year,
And the Lord keeps on showing
My work for every day here.
Why am I priceless?
What makes me a prize?
The Lord made just one of me,
I'm His child and special in His eyes.
Catherine Kowbyl Willis
Clinton, NC
Mothers Are so Special
Mothers are so special
Especially on Mother's Day.
We must give them our "deepest thanks"
For simply showing us the way.
Mothers are so special
When they teach us to be so nice.
For they are who we turn to
When we need some free advice.
Mthers are so special
That God gives us only one.
She gives her family love and care
And considers it more than fun.
So, to all you faithful mothers
Whom we find so grateful and so true.
I say in a timeless way,
"Happy Mother's Day to you!"
Donald Rice
Rose Hill, NC
A Thought on Mother's Day
It's good to be a Mother
Whose love is just like gold.
So meaningful an amazing
So sweet for one to hold.
It's good to be a mother
Whose feelings can deeply express
Her tender thoughts of courtesy
Which brings forth happiness.
It's good to be a Mother
Who feels more than good.
For "love" and ""care" and "time"
Makdes the best well-understood.
So, for all of your kindness
You displayed in your own way,
I send my feelings and a handkerchief
To you on this Mother's Day.
Donald Rice
Rose Hill, NC








Their voices are hushed

All thoughts are stilled

Some spirits still circle

The sacrificial field

There is no hurry now

For these who lay

Upon this sacrificial field

In their oblivious way

While going in search

Of freedom and peace

Came fame without fortune

Life s blood released

Upon that field of sacrifice

Under lonesome shadows lay

The glorified remains

Inhabitants of Rwanda

The nations are mourning

Many tears trickle down

Relieving grieved hearts of loved ones

Upon that sacrificial ground


June 4,1994

By Minister Faye McGee - Beulaville, NC 



The flowers are in bloom

The birds has begun to sing

The clouds are full and heavy

Any second there ll be drops of rain

A cardinal sings pretty! Pretty!

As a bumble bee whiz by

The heavy scent of honey suckle

Dominate the breeze across the sky

Off in the distance comes a sound

Honk! Honk! Goes a flock of geese

Closer still is heard a bark

From a different kind of beast

The grass velvet green, so pretty

Fruits peep beneath buds on trees

Bunny rabbits sniff and hop about

Robbing gardens of early peas

Tractors are heard in the fields

As the farmers plow and break land

They plant and set out crops

And each give the other a hand

Clumps of clover carpet the pasture

Where cows and horses graze

Ambling about and chewing their cud

Seemingly halfway in a daze

A bullfrog bellows a loud croak

From the direction of Marsh Pond

While two happy young children

Laugh and shrieked upon the lawn

The faint sound of a train whistle

Can be heard from far away

Casting another glance skywards

Heavy clouds are gone for the day

The air is rich with fragrance

Clouds puffy, there s nothing amiss

The day sweet with pleasant sounds

God made, it and sealed it with a kiss

A country springtime is beautiful

There is nothing on earth to compare

Give me the country during spring time

I d rather be there than anywhere

Written By



God’s Master Plan

When our Father made us ,

He had a special plan

Before the ole serpent entered Eden

And stole the freedom of man

He is a slick one that devil

Coming to rob, destroy, and kill

Tempting us, and stealing our birthright

Trying to bend us to his will

So our God who is the wisest

Though every thing He made was good

Knew some being would try to take over

And reside in the north if he could

But our Father had kept an idea

To preserve the soul of man

Ole Satan had no knowledge

Of God s great master plan

The serpent was so sure

That he had won the victory

He never counted on our Big Brother

Willing to give His life on a tree

But we know that God our Father

Would never give Satan such fame

So He sent His Lamb to save us

Jesus is His Holy, Reverend, name

Written By

Minister: Faye McGee

Beulaville, N.C.

Glorify God

Give glory to God

When you arise

Give glory to God

While viewing the skies

Bow down and worship

Purse lips into praise

Give glory to God

In all your ways

Min. Faye McGEE



God is always looking at us

With His ever watchful eye

When we are bowed and prayerful

Sending sweet smelling savor to the sky

God will answer our prayer

He listens to every word we say

He knows all sorrow and pain

Though we are mortals made of clay

Minister: Faye McGee

North Carolina,
A beautiful place to be;
North Carolina,
From the mountains to the sea;
Things to do
And places to go -
Something for everyone,
From a palace to a show.
Fishing and hunting,
Sailing and golf,
Mountain climbing, skiing,
There's more than you thought.
Get out the door,
Head East or West,
Or North or South,
Go the way you like best.
Use a road map,
Or go your own way;
North Carolina's the finest
Enjoy it every day!
Catherine Kowbyl Willis
The remains of a church standing in a field
Tell us a story that it may want to shield;
Years ago the church building was started,
With the framing and the roof, but the people departed;
The termites moved in, with the wind and the rain;
Now it all has collapsed, never to rise again.
The legacy which lies there for all the world to see
Is that the people evidently agreed to disagree;
The remains of the church, collapsed in the field,
Show what can happen when to Christ we don't yield;
Just as that building lies in sad decay
So will our lives be if Christ we do not obey.
Another church stands in another field;
It stands as a symbol that would not yield
Over a hundred years old and still going strong
It tries to show what's right and what's wrong;
It started as a brush arbor a long time ago,
The storms did come and the winds did blow.
Satan did his best to tear this church down,
But the people stood firm and kept their ground;
Christ was there with them, and this they knew well,
They went to their neighbors and about Him did tell;
The church was blessed and so were the people,
This little white church with no bell, but a steeple.
by Catherine Kowbyl Willis

Always Be Thankful
As the sun begins to rise early in the morning hour,
God looks down upon His children as we bow our heads
and thank Him for everything He has given us, even a little flower.
We should always thank God, even if things don't go our way,
For Almighty God has provided us with another lovely day.
God will always love us and watch over us day and night.
He will always protect us and show us His love
like a mother holding her child in her arms so tight.
We should always be thankful
for His Holy Spirit that guides us along the way,
for without God's glory, we cannot make it through each day.
Whenever you are faced with a burden
that seems too hard for you to bear,
still pray and thank God
because He is truly the only One who really cares.
God will stick by you when others leave you standing all alone.
God is still with you, looking down at you from His Heavenly throne.
Always be thankful, even when they stand afar and laugh and tease.
Still be thankful and pray harder, down on your knees.
Money can only buy material things,
like houses, cars, and diamond rings.
I am so thankful that I would rather have the peace
that only God can bring.
I am so thankful, God, for everything.
Deborah M. Edwards  /  Clinton, NC
(This poem was published in the book,  The Joy That Follows,  published by the International Library of Poetry.)

All But One

By Church E. Modlin, Jr.

Tarboro, NC

All but One are sinners,

Including me and you…

Jesus had to die for us;

Sad to say, but true.

There’s nothing you can do or say

To change what had to be…

Jesus Christ, the Son of God,

He died for you and me.

Redemption of a dark, lost world---

That was on His mind,

Through all the pain while on the cross…

No greater love you’ll find.

All but One are sinners;

Jesus is His name.

If you don’t accept Him,

There’s only you to blame.

All but One are sinners,

Including me and you…

Jesus had to die for us;

Sad to say, but true.


Evil is Evil

By Church E. Modlin, Jr.

Evil must needs be confronted,

Not shunned nor forgotten nor appeased.

Don’t dare sugar-coat or accept it…

Becoming both sick and diseased.

There’s only one way to control it---

Be firm (and you must take a stand).

Accepting God’s Grace and Protection,

Rid th’ scourge o’ this stain from our Land.

No room for negotiation,

“All-inclusive” is just not the way.

To give in or bowing down to it,

Will destroy us and lead us astray.

The price, oh so dear and so costly;

This Nation is called to defray.

Good Lord, please have mercy upon us;

Past sins please forgive, we do pray.

This darkness has been ev’r present,

Since Adam and Eve took the fall.

But now it’s our turn to combat it;

Get busy and give it your all.


Eyes in the Sky

by Church E. Modlin, Jr.

The multitude of stars

      are as the eyes of God,

      ever watching,

      watching over me


Fair Warning

by Church E. Modlin, Jr.


There are no U-turns

Once you’re in hell;

No turning back,

No posting bail.

For there you’ll stay

And always be---

Not just awhile,

But eternity.

Hell is real,

There many shall go.

God’s word is true

And it tells us so.

Satan lies

And he’s such a thief…

There’ll be wailing cries

And gnashing teeth.

And now you know

This truth of old,

So do not say

You were not told.

Please make it right

While you still can;

Accept God’s Son---

His perfect plan.

He’ll take you now

No matter who;

Believe on Him

And He’ll save YOU!


God, Good or Bad

by Church E. Modlin, Jr.

So what if horrific hurricanes

Thrash our shores

With all the devastation

They leave behind.

So what if blessed babies

Are born,

Perfectly formed with ten fingers

And ten toes.

So what!

God is God,

Bad or good.

So what if deadly cancer

Becomes not so deadly anymore

And leaves,

Despite what the doctors said.

So what if famine comes

And hunger and chaos

Become the norm

And not the exception.

So what!

God is God,

Bad or good.

So what if I die

And leave you behind

To carry on

And make do without me.

So what if you win the lottery,

(Powerball at that!)

with millions of dollars

to ease the pains of life.

So what!

God is God,

Bad or good.

Blessed be my God,

Bad and good…good and bad.

So, you disagree?

So what!


Purpose Driven and Spirit Led

By Church E. Modlin, Jr.

Purpose driven and Spirit led---

Jesus died, but is not dead;

He will return, His Good Book said.

Be purpose driven and Spirit led.

Site of Calvary long ago; we were precious in his sight.

Might have crucified Him all for naught; twas betrayed for just a mite.

But God’s way’s always purposed---He never lacks a plan.

It’s time we found our purpose; it’s time to take a stand.

Purpose driven and Spirit led---

Jesus died, but is not dead;

He will return, His Good Book said.

Be purpose driven and Spirit led.

Prayed for those who scourged Him---relentlessly they preyed.

Grave circumstance defeated; He overcame the grave.

Sole purpose for His passion---Our eternal life and soul.

Now lead us Holy Spirit; let our purposes be bold.

Purpose driven and Spirit led---

Jesus died, but is not dead;

He will return, His Good Book said.

Be purpose driven and Spirit led.


How Far?

By Church E. Modlin, Jr.

How far is the moon?

Far, far away.

How far to the planets?

Farther still, I’d say.

How far are the stars?

Even farther, can’t you see?

How far is our God?

Close by is He.

How far is that?

Right by your side.

How far d’you say?

Within you He abides.

Close enough for me!

"God's words to me are my words to you"
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