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Featured Poems of the Month!

Valentine's Day
Love kept to itself means nothing at all, its strength comes in sharing it with others
So this special day is set aside to recognize the love we must share with our sisters and brothers!
Happy Valentine's Day 

Illustration: Be my valentine

And Black History Month
Dr. Carter G. Woodson did not want our past to be a big mystery
So he set aside a special month of remembrance in order to cherish our black history!
Note Dr. Carter G. Woodson, known as the "Father of our Black History" begin this celebration as Black History week the second week in February.  It was extended into a month long celebration in 1926. 

Women's History Month

Minute by minute, hour by hour

Women are beginning to realize their power

So this month of the year is now set aside

To recognize a beauty that cannot be denied.

Woman drinking during mountain climb

And A Changing Season
The blooming of flowers just makes my heart sing
As I excitedly anticipate the oncoming Spring!


When it comes to Easter egg hunts, everyone may take a part.
But the most valuable Easter treasure is found within the heart.
And as we celebrate this time, we all should know.
That a precious price was paid by Someone who loved us so!
Poetry Month

Each day that I live is another day that I see

The power of this gift God has given to me

A way to put words of wisdom into rhyme

And give life to words that inspire for a lifetime!

Hand painted Easter egg

May represents...
Mother's Day!
God knew what He was doing when He reached from above,
And sent down the wonderful gift of a mother's love.
With acceptance so unconditional and encouragement so rare,
Even when she's not with you, her presence is always there! 
copyright May 2009 - CDS

Mother playing with kids

And Memorial Day...

To those who fought with honor and paid the ultimate price

To those who believed that freedom was worth the sacrifice

A special day is set aside to remember all that you have done.

And give tribute to your journey and the race that you have run.

November represents...

Rock the Vote!

Vote. Vote. That is the word.

If you really want your voice to be heard.

Vote. Vote with all your might.

Stand up for your privilege. Stand up for your right.

Vote for issues great and small.

By voting for those who will determine them all.

Don't wait til voting's over to sit and complain. 

You now have the power to make that change!


 ‎"To those who gave their lives to serve our country true.
To those who paid the price for freedom for me and you.
Today is given in honor to show our appreciation.
And thank them for their sacrifice to the world and our nation."

and  Thanksgiving...

"Life is more precious when it's filled with gratitude

So make treasuring each day part of your attitude

When you count your blessings, life seems more like living,

So strive to make each day one filled with Thanksgiving!"


December Represents.....

Jesus Is The Reason

In your hustle and bustle to spread good cheer,

Remember, Jesus is the reason that Christmas is here.

Your gifts to your loved ones could not compare

To the greatest Gift of all that God chose to share.

So in your rush to give presents to the ones that you love,

Thank God first for His Present from up above.

And as you gather around your Christmas tree,

Thank God for His Gift to you and me.

If you’re looking for the greatest Gift of all.

It will never be found in your local shopping mall.

Tell Santa and Rudolph this year they must wait.

For this season, Jesus is the main reason to celebrate!


"God's words to me are my words to you"
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