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Making Your Words Work for You!

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

One way to instill something into your subconscience is to reinforce it aloud. What we tend to overlook at first begins to soak in after we come in contact with it over and over again.

Write it down.

Seeing can reinforce believing. And, writing things down can help you to remember them better.  You also may dwell on the words more because you must concentrate on what you are actually writing.

Act on it.

Faith without works is dead. Likewise, words without action can become lifeless. You reinforce and show others (along with yourself) what you really believe through your actions. So even if you must push yourself a little at first, strengthen your belief by acting on what you say.

Replace your negative phrases with positive ones.

We can always find reasons to be negative but we must look for even more reasons to be positive! Your emotions can be uplifted or broken down by your thoughts.  So if you want to fill your life with positive circumstances, speak it into existence.  And constantly remind yourself of any good that surrounds you or gives you hope.

Read about and listen to winners!

Nothing motivates me more than listening to the words or reading about the life story of someone who has overcome major obstacles and setbacks to achieve great things in life. It gives me the feeling that no matter what my past or present looks like, I have hope for the future of achieving great things. Now, I never let a day go by without being inspired by someone great!


Words can come to you when you least expect them to. That is why it is important to memorize words that can benefit you even when you have no one else around to verbally encourage you or nothing in front of you to read for reinforcement. You may feel that a bible verse, phrase, or quote could never mean anything significant to you while you are learning it, but then at the most unexpected moment, whoa!  You begin to understand the full impact of its meaning.

Make it rhyme.

One of the reason that rap has become so popular is that rhyming is fun and easier to memorize than other types of writing. That is why I like to take an inspirational or educational topic and make it a poem. Rhymes can catch more people's attention. Try it. You may like it.

So what if a lot of words don't come to mind.  Sometimes real power comes with just....

One Word

C. Denise Sutton 2008

If I could leave behind some wisdom and instill some hope in you,

I would remind everyone I know exactly what one word can do.

One word can lift a sorrow; it can mend a broken heart.

One word can instill determination and encourage a brand new start.

One word can offer peace where once there was only despair.

For one word can convince a lonely heart that there is someone who will share.

One word can offer a new perception where there was once no hope.

One word can build up the esteem of another in order that they might cope.

One word can move millions; one word can help win a race.

One word can instill in you a peace offered by God’s abiding grace.

One word can lift the guilt you feel even if you’ve done wrong.

And one word can lead to a line, a verse, and eventually a song!

"God's words to me are my words to you"
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