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Sunset over the Ocean

No Ordinary Day

(A tribute poem for 9/11/01 -  Written September 2003 - cds)

It started out as just another ordinary day.

Who'd ever thought it would re-teach a nation to pray.

No one predicted how much this day would cost;

Or the thousands of loved ones who would eventually be lost.

For many, it started out like any other morning.

Families waking up while daybreak was dawning.

No one imagined, no American would foresee

How this would become such a day of tragedy.

No one could have foretold of such a massive slaughter.

Or of the innocent bloodshed of a husband, mother, or daughter.

No premonition of the cry that would be heard across the land

After a senseless act of hatred was executed by evil hands.

Who knew such angry souls would take this type of terrorism.

And justify it by calling it a form of "religious heroism".

We all remember well that fateful eighth hour.

When not one, but two airliners hit those famous Twin Towers.

As a third hit the Pentagon and a fourth crashed to the ground,

Shock and disbelief rocked our nation for miles around.

We all can recall the joy in our enemy's faces,

As they cried into the cameras, "We've put those Americans in their places!"

We still feel its impact as if it was only yesterday.

For the magnitude of its destruction will never completely go away.

An act meant to destroy our country and tear us apart,

Bonded us together, though we did so with broken hearts.

Still, the sorrow and pain continue to be one without end.

As even today, there are many hearts that just won't mend.

September the 11th will never be seen in the same way...

What started out as just another ordinary day!


Your Voice

Vote. Vote. That is the word.

If you really want your voice to be heard.

Vote. Vote with all your might.

Stand up for your privilege. Stand up for your right.

Vote for issues great and small.

By voting for those who will determine them all.

You should be concerned in every way.

For your future will be determined by your vote today.

Not just for yourself, but for your family.

Your vote will affect education and social security.

Don’t wait til voting’s over to sit and complain.

You now have the power to make that change!

Charlette Denise Sutton
September 2010

The Small Things

Many strive to achieve great things

And feel like failures if they don't.

So even if you ask them to stay committed,

They may try to but they won't.

But greatness comes not by being seen

Or even by making the news.

But, instead, it comes by improving circumstances

By the actions that we choose.

So it's not so much the big things

But the small ones that go far.

In making the world a better place

No matter where you are.

So strive to do your very best

And join with others who believe

In the relentless power of unity

And the things that it can achieve.

And work at making a difference

By doing your "little bit".

And others will also be inspired

Because your heart is in it!

Inspired by the theme, "If Many Do Little, We Can Do Much" by Mrs Lillie Sanders, Magnolia, NC.

Copyright: March 12, 2008 - Charlette Denise Sutton

Duplin County
I say it with confidence, I say it out loud;
I'm a Duplin County native, and Duplin County proud!
I was Duplin County bred and Duplin county grown;
And Duplin County living is the best I've ever known.
I was a Duplin County student raised in Duplin County schools.
And if you ask me what it's like here, I'll tell you, "It's really cool."
I've got Duplin County family and Duplin County friends,
And Duplin County memories that will never, ever end!
I know Duplin County businesses we all shop in from day to day;
And the Duplin County services that help others along the way.
There are Duplin County professionals who work in Duplin County jobs,
And everyday, down to earth people who get the Duplin County "nod".
There are towns like Warsaw, Teachey, Rose Hill, and Wallace, oh, to name a few.
And Kenansville, Beulaville, and Chinquapin, are part of this county too!
If you ask me how Duplin County rates while being compared to the rest,
I'll tell you my county is number one, for I love Duplin County the best!
Copyright March 7, 2009.  Written and performed for the 2009 Duplin County Expo

Why I Teach

People ask me why I teach.

Is it the lives that I touch or the souls that I reach?

Is it because of the knowledge that I'm willing to share?

Or is it the chances I'm given to show others that I care?

Is it because I get to play an incredible part

Of giving someone the power to make a new start?

And if there is a concept that someone doesn't understand,

Are they more able to grasp its meaning with my helping hand?

People ask me why I teach and to this very day,

I can't explain the power of knowing I've shown someone else the way.

Each time that I see a student that I've helped to succeed

I remember the times I pushed him or her when there was a need.

When someone would come before me with excuses to give up,

I'd keep them in the race by saying, "You've got a point, but..."

And although other professions could give me more financially,

No monetary gain can replace the joy that teaching brings to me.

The greatest fulfillment of all is when I realize

That I've made a difference and the student's "thank you" is written in their eyes!


Charlette Denise Sutton, NA Instructor / 2008


A Century

In 2009, the NAACP celebrates a century - one hundred years.

A hundred years of struggle supported by a million tears.

A hundred years of fighting for justice and equality.

A hundred years of knocking down walls, allowing those bound to be free.

A hundred years of challenging legal systems that threw so many off track.

A hundred years of sidestepping roadblocks that once held the helpless back.

A hundred years of overcoming a hatred that has torn our country apart.

A hundred years of instilling pride and hope in determined hearts.

And now the willingness to not give in when things were not going its way.

Has made this organization a force to be reckoned with even today.

Still pressing forward for more, it vows to march on toward victory;

And if it takes another hundred years of struggle, that's where the NAACP will be!


Charlette Denise Sutton

copyright - Dec 2008


Congratulations to the NAACP for 100 years of service to our country and to the world!

(1909 - 2009)

Just so understand,
Just so you know it...
My rhymes flow with rhythm.
My name???

cds April 2009

"God's words to me are my words to you"
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