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Check out the following book on sale now. 
I'm a contributing author! 






Break through your barriers with SPUNK!


Are you ready to break through the barriers obstructing your goals and move into a position of leadership? Then do so with SPUNK! Learn the steps required to overcome obstacles and become an effective and dynamic leader. The five Keys guide you through:


v     Developing a positive attitude

v     Learning people skills

v     Raising self-esteem

v     Overcoming fears

v     Setting goals


Joined by authors David Ambrose, p.m. Terrell, Darlene Wofford, Jocelyn Andersen, Bob Johnson, C. Denise Sutton, and Bill Wilson, Wolfe’s “Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting” will energize your passion for life!


Available March 17, 2009

$13.95 USA, 6x9 Trade paperback, 176 pages


ISBN 978-0-9816210-2-9 / 0-9816210-2-3


“Diane has given wisdom, understanding and honorable counsel in her book, Overcoming Obstacles With SPUNK! Such advice when embraced can not only set one free, but it can also lead to the path of life allowing you to be on your way to reaching your full potential. Let her words stir inspiration in your life.”

- Darien B. Cooper, author of “You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband”


L. Diane Wolfe has written a terrific leadership book… The book is commended for those who need a devotional style approach to leadership. Who needs this book? Anyone who desires to strengthen their foundational knowledge of leadership.”

- Steven King, MBA, Armchair Interviews – Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Sites Winner

Preorder today for $13.95!

"God's words to me are my words to you"
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