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Newest Book ---- Seizing Opportunities!
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Have you overlooked opportunities that could have led to success? 
Don't let another day go by! 
Don't let another opportunity slip away!
Seize them...


All of this and more in my new book:


"One of the greatest regrets that a person can experience is knowing that he has overlooked an opportunity that was, at one time, staring at him, right in his face!"

Eye Glasses, Spinning

"Looking high, looking low.
How much farther do I need to go?
It took a while, but now I understand.
The opportunity I was searching for was right in my hand!"

Order at any of these sites below!


Kobo Vox E-reader

See what others are saying about this book!

"Sutton uses examples of ordinary people who moved beyond the ordinary...With topics that are short and effective... Along with this, Sutton weaves tidbits of wisdom. I found lots of ... wonderful and thought provoking quotes throughout the book. While there are a number of inspirational and motivational books out there, working as a registered nurse, Sutton sees more of the tragic side of life and that of lost opportunities than the average person, providing a broader framework to give advice from. With this foundation, Seizing Opportunities That Propel You Forward offers life and business advice and motivation that is inspiring and can (and should) actually be used."

Karen Cioffi, author, ghostwriter, editor, and marketer.

"Seizing Opportunities that Propel You Forward is a little book packed with a lot of wisdom. What makes this book so powerful is that...everyone can relate to and benefit from the motivational thoughts and life lessons in this book. I recommend it for anyone who could use a little nudge."  
Elizabeth Ann Watson -  Duplin County Library Director

"I found Charlette Denise Sutton’s book motivating, in-spiring, and full of wisdom…"
- Irene S. Roth, MA., Freelance Author and Writer for Teens and Tweens

"It resonates with a lot in my life, and in what I’ve observed in others..."  
Walter L. Kleine, Editor

"God's words to me are my words to you"
Newest book!  Seizing Opportunities That Propel You Forward
Newest CD!  "Decade of Hope"
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Charlette Denise Sutton